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Welcome to Dri Wash Solutions

Since 1991, DRI WASH 'n GUARDŽ waterless car wash has been used to clean not only cars, but RV's, motorcycles, boats and even aircraft - all without a drop of water.

And since 2003, DriWash Solutions has been here to serve up the BEST waterless detailing product on the market. We're the #1 distributor of DRI WASH 'n GUARDŽ for two years running! Benefits to you: 10-15% off MSRP and fast same day shipping (if you order before noon EST).

DRI WASH 'n GUARDŽ not only cleans the dirt from the surface, but restores its original finish, and also adds UV protection to your car's finish to protect it from the sun's harmful rays. Oh, and by the way, it does all this without scratching - guaranteed.

Do you want to conserve water and clean, seal and protect your car at the same time? Has your town or municipality instituted a water conservation initiative? If so, no need to drive around with a dirty car - simply use our DRY WASH!

Don't be fooled by all the other 'Johnny Come Lately' waterless car washes out there - DRI WASH 'n GUARDŽ is the Original Waterless Car Wash.

Lastly, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed or simply return the unused portion and get your money back! Remember to check out our other Dri Wash products for solutions to your all of your detailing and cleaning problems. Bucket and hose not required.


Give us a call at (888) DRI-WASH thats (888) 374-9274, email us at:

dri wash e-mail address or visit our support page.

John Skurka
Owner - DriWash Solutions, LLC

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